Departments & Doctors

Wards and Private Room Services

Lourde hospital is well equipped with wards and private rooms as floor basis. It is situated in third floor (Private rooms and general wards), Fourth, Fifth and sixth floor as private rooms. It is supervised by a Nurse in charge of a whole ward or unit who is clinically overseeing all areas of the ward and will feed back to nurses after the ward round. The main activities carried out in wards and private rooms are review of unstable or deteriorating patients, Decision making and documenting of care, Review of patients going home (pre-discharge), Review of patients’ progress during their inpatient stay. Well trained nurses are clinically competent to understand and anticipate the complexities of multifaceted patient situations, and able to view the patient and career situation holistically rather than as a series of unrelated tasks. Systems such as team nursing, task-allocated nursing or primary nursing may require some adaptation but for nurses to properly represent their patients. The nurses are responsible for a bay or allocated number of patients, who will undertake the ward round for those patients.

24 x 7 Emergency Services

Round the clock services with 24*7 accesses to operation theaters, pharmacy, imaging services and laboratory services.