Lourde hospital

Lourde hospital, Taliparamba

Lourde Hospital is a premier multispecialty hospital based in Taliparamba, Kannur serving the community since 1967 under the able chairmanship of Dr. K J Devasia. We house a unique portfolio of services over the years, keeping healthcare professionals abreast of the latest and most significant developments within their clinical, surgical or management area.

Covering all aspects of the hospital environment, Lourde hospital provides both clinical and senior administrative staff with instant access to a comprehensive reference source introducing technologies, services and procedures our audience can employ to improve the management of their facilities.

Lourde Hospital has over 15 established specialist departments which are growing steadily, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and manned by trained and dedicated staff. Lourde Hospital is also a full-fledged teaching institution offering Post Graduation & Graduation Courses in Healthcare.

24 x 7 Emergency Services

Round the clock services with 24*7 accesses to operation theaters, pharmacy, imaging services and laboratory services.