Departments & Doctors

Our Emergency Department

Emergency Department at Lourde Hospital is a well equipped unit encompasses highly skilled and efficient team of specialists, duty doctors and well trained nursing staff, ready to deliver their services to patients who need urgent and prompt medical care at right time.

This is a round the clock services with 24*7 accesses to operation theaters, pharmacy, imaging services and laboratory services assisting in immediate and accurate diagnosis for treatment of the patient’s condition.

Department Services

Capable of handling any emergency including accident care, Initial treatment of Paediatric, Medical,Surgical, Gynaec emergencies, Gastric lavage, Poisoning management, Insect bite management (except snake bite), Primary burns management, MLC registration and first aid in MLC.

Lourde Emergency department has 9 beds with standardized equipments like defibrillator, multipara monitor, centralized oxygen supply, suction facility and crash cart with emergency life saving drugs.

Ambulance services are also available to transport patients to the hospital at a quick pace.


Emergency Department is located in the ground floor of the hospital with easy access from the entrance gate.

Ambulance Contact Number:

Working Hours: 24*7