About Us

Lourde Hospital, Taliparamba

The dream of a visionary, Dr. K J Devasia was made a reality in 1967, with the commencement of Lourde Hospital. This novel initiative marked a revolution in the healthcare segment in Malabar, symbolizing an answer for the growing healthcare demands of this region. This venture was born out of a deep desire to provide quality and economical health care to the community. Since 1967, Lourde Hospital has made quality healthcare more convenient for communities throughout Taliparamba. Today, we continue to take pride in our commitment to the public bringing the latest medical advances closer to them.

Since its inception, the hospital has come a long way with the commitment and passion of dedicated healthcare professionals, efficient support staff and high class facilities. We focus on providing personalized patient-centered treatment and care, 24 x 7 support and services. We uphold high ethical standards while breaking new grounds in the field of healthcare and medicine.

Lourde Hospital has an inherent emphasis on clinical excellence and we aim to provide unparalleled care to our patients. We boast of our highly skilled and dedicated team - delivering a simple, yet strong promise to our stakeholders.

Lourde hospital has been consistent in its mission to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost. The most important attributes that have enabled us to achieve the heights are the dedication, commitment, and the quality workforce that we maintain. We have always striven towards excellence through patient centered services, quality care, innovation, co-operation, specialized expertise & integrity.

We have to our credit, numerous path breaking achievements in the field, which is indeed the result of our undeterred pursuit of excellence in healthcare. Additional services & facilities and new specialties are always furthered to provide the most contemporary services to our community. It is our commitment to make quality health care available and accessible to all.





24 x 7 Emergency Services

Round the clock services with 24*7 accesses to operation theaters, pharmacy, imaging services and laboratory services.